Arizer ArGo_ Can It Really Redefine Vaping On-The-Go_

Arizer ArGo: Can It Really Redefine Vaping On-The-Go?

By WeedGangsta420

January 23, 2019

When it comes to producing the best designs in the vaping industry, Arizer Marijuana Vaporizers stands out. Arizer is a trusted and reputable Canadian company manufacturing the best vaporizers in the industry with a motto, “Better by Design” with a wide range of stunning vaporizers. Truly, Arizer deserves the loyal and enormous customer base. Gone are the days of rolling weed joints because vaping is the latest cannabis consumption trend. 


Benefits of Arizer Cannabis Vaporizers 

There are many good reasons why choosing a vaporizer over smoking weed is beneficial. You’ll achieve better health, enhanced flavor, cost-effectiveness, greater discretion, and intense sensation. You’ll definitely save more money and herb after making the initial investment on a vaporizer because it converts twice as many cannabinoids, like THC, into vapor as compared to smoking.  

Arizer Marijuana Vaporizers are better when it comes to stealth cannabis consumption. Combustion caused by smoking creates a harmful smoke while vaporizing marijuana produces 95% smoke and it is carcinogen-free. Whether you are a recreational or medical cannabis user, Arizer ArGo Marijuana Vaporizers ensure satisfaction and portability, allowing you to enjoy every session with confidence and pride. 

Arizer can take things to a whole new level because of the convection-style heat draws cannabinoids to a higher degree. This will result in a healthier and smoother session, allowing you to get the most out of your cannabis. Today, we will provide you a detailed review of Arizer Marijuana Vaporizers. 


What Makes ArGo Marijuana Vapes Amazing 

If you are always on-the-go ArGo cannabis vape is your best buddy. This device is praised because of its portability. Aside from the usual Arizer features including an 18650 battery that can be swapped, handy temperature controls, and two glass mouthpieces, this Arizer vaporizer maintains a high-quality.  

The ArGo swappable battery allows charging on the move using USB. The temperature control is user-friendly because you can heat your favorite herb from 122 to 428 degrees Fahrenheit. The digital display shows the battery level and the current temperature. You can also change the screen brightness, as well as the start-up and shut-off timers. It also has temperature-based warning indicator sounds to give you a full control of the device.  

Portability is the key element of Arizer ArGo for on-the-go experience. Are you ready to consume your weed anytime, anywhere? Are you looking for a high-quality vaporizer with thick and flavorful vapor everytime? ArGo Marijuana Vapes are now available for sale on the market to meet your demands and expectations in a great cannabis vaporizer. 


ArGo Cannabis Vapes Heating and Usage 

In just a minute, the ArGo Marijuana Vaporizer heats and reaches 390 degrees Fahrenheit, taking approximately only 90 seconds to hit its maximum temperature (428 degrees Fahrenheit). When fully charged, you can enjoy vaping up to a total of 90 minutes. With the test we conducted, we discovered that you can go through 10 bowls of weed before the battery dies. Indeed, given its size, this is truly exceptional!   

ArGo Marijuana Vapes are easy and convenient to use. The mouthpiece is made of glass, and it works similarly like the Air 2. You just have to dip it into your favorite herb, not packing too tight, and slipping it into your ArGo vaporizer. Pop the top of the ArGo vaporizer in order to protect your mouthpiece and pressed against the main body of the device. Once you insert the mouthpiece, just press the button at the back so you can extend the top for the mouthpiece to sit snugly. When you are ready to use it, just push the top down with the mouthpiece revealed. That’s marvelous!  


How to Use the Arizer ArGo Vaporizer  

  1. Hold down the menu and plus button down for about 6 seconds (default power-on setting.  The digital displays the countdown, and it will say “Hi” that indicates the device has turned on.
  2. Press any button once the device is on and it will begin to heat the oven, setting the last point used and displaying the heating progress.
  3. Hit the menu button so you can adjust the functions and settings. Press it repeatedly so you can scroll different functions available including the display brightness, beep volume, temperature, and start-up time (adjustable between 2seconds) and auto-off times (10 minutes as default).


Design and Vapor Quality of Arizer ArGo 

Arizer ArGo has an impressive and stylish design that is aesthetically pleasing. The main body is stainless steel, glass, and ceramic. The bottom piece is silicone-coated with some plastic parts that are reasonably durable. The downside of the design makes cleaning and maintenance a bit tricky. However, on the positive side, you do not need to clean it as often as other vaping devices. We highly recommend the blowing out the device’s oven and steam after each use to prevent nasty smelly buildup. When you’re packing the herb, we highly advise leaving at least 1 millimeter between the oven and the weed.  

When it comes to the quality of vapor, Arizer excels. From your first pull, the powerful vapor creates satisfying and thick clouds. It means you’ll enjoy vaping anytime, anywhere and gain utmost satisfaction. You’ll get a nice and strong hit until the last draw because of the hybrid heating technology of Arizer ArGo Marijuana Vapes. You can load your favorite herb in the stem until 0.3 grams, but you will do just fine with half of that amount. The price of ArGo online is around $240 that comes with a 2-year warranty.  



  • Extendable glass mouthpiece  
  • Easy to exchange Lithium Ion battery 
  • Excellent temperature range  
  • USB charging


  • Expensive 
  • Tends to overheat 
  • Takes 15 minutes vaping session 


Final Thoughts 

Overall, the Arizer ArGo is one of the best portable weed vaporizers on the market. Although the cleaning is a bit tricky with a 60-second heat up time, it is worth the wait. The Arizer Marijuana Vaporizers are powerful and portable vaporizer, offering strong and smooth hits, convenient temperature control, and a swappable battery for the on-the-go vaping experience. 

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