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By Chris Kushi

WEEDGANGSTA was new-born back in 2009 and was hosted on until early 2015, we are now being hosted by Dedicated secure servers to keep this site up and running without any interference or corruption by nationalists, governments, or police enforcements. If you would like to find out more about the History of WEEDGANGSTA. Then keep reading, please note that we DO NOT officially sell any kind of Strains or Medical Stuff because in the United Kingdom its still treated as being illegal to sell online or on the streets or in our offices, but we also trying to make cannabis legal in the UK for people that need the medicine for illnesses that can’t be treated by other subscribed medications by doctors in general !


I am the founder of WEEDGANGSTA.COM – FEED IT and I have been posting for the site for the site for half decade now and want to bring people’s attention to our company as a whole that can support a lot of our advertising and help people know about the things what cannabis can do for people with similar illnesses that our members have and also share interests with people over our coming soon Forum section that will be hosted on fast, secure and moderated by close friend that can give you the necessary advice you need. We will have a grower’s section that will help people with home-made in-door gardens, out-door gardens and tips on what garden supplement you need.

Why Have You Turned to Paid Contents Instead of Free Content with Ads?

Because I think it’s best to keep the environment clean and secure for people to browse the internet without all these stupid free ad’s and popup’s that lead people to miss-leading websites so they can steal your personal information, and WEEDGANGSTA.COM will not allow such a thing, I want a clean-free, happy site for dedicated customers that will respect a bit of money donations so we can keep this site running over the coming years. Membership is cheap and options are available if you have money issues, the site also offers membership for free if you sign up today and you would receive a 1 Day Access free code that will let u have access for a Limited Time.

News Contents

We post latest news content from dedicated sources around the world and also we give credit to the editor (if any) to the news and reviewer they give, If it’s not on our site or not mentioned on our site please do not listen to the reporter that posted the news from the new source site, newsgroup you came from, because most of the bullshit you find out there on the free internet news sites are a lot of garbage to bring drama to social media and to the press!! That’s why I like to keep things clean and secure for people to use our dedicated services normal without having trolls coming posting false information and posting dodgy links to our communities. It will not be tolerated!

We are always looking for new Girls to be photographed to be posted and be hosted dedicated on our Girls page holding Cannabis or being presented in Cannabis decoration(s), please send email to and follow the instructions that will be sent to your email account. Please make sure you read the instructions fully and agree to them before we even call or meet you for an interview.

Sending Picture(s)!

If you are interested in sending pictures of cannabis being grown by or pictures of girls with cannabis in the pictures nude or dressed then email them to and will post them to the Girls Section, stating your username so we can give credit if u want it!

If you got picture(s) of cannabis strains then please email them to so we can add them to the Cannabis Images Section and please state your username so we can give credit if you request it !