For several years now, the American Southwest-based conscious collective known as Pyramid Country (PC) has been putting out some incredibly mind-expanding skateboard videos. Please see the crew’s “Exeter” movie for metaphysical reference. Seriously, it’s beyond just pushing on four wheels for PC. It’s about a visual and sonic experience that pushes the mind, body, and

With his lo-fi, reverby, and VHS-era retro work between the years of 2009 and 2011, Washed Out (aka Ernest Greene) helped define the fleeting genre known as chillwave. He branched out a bit with 2013’s Paracosm, a more lush and psychedelic album, and since then, we haven’t heard a peep from him. Today he returns

You don’t have to search for long to find news of cops arresting some unlucky bloke for marijuana possession. And while there surely are hardened cops that could back off from targeting minorities, it’s easy to forget that these officers are often following laws that our elected politicians enacted. In reality, many of these officers

It’s taken four years for Maryland’s Medical Cannabis Commission to award final permits and licenses to actually get the MMJ program off the ground, and now, just weeks after the state’s first licensed grower was awarded his final paperwork, the program has been temporarily halted by a judge who is unconvinced the Commission did their

“I loved him deep down inside because I was obligated. He was my brother, but I didn’t like him. I hated him.” Never has an anti-weed PSA opened with a line more fit for a Victorian-era drama. In “Wasted: A True Story,” an early 1980s PSA on the broad implications of rampant drug use, we

Lead photo via iStock Photo When it comes to celebrating Memorial Day, warm, selfish thoughts of alcohol and burnt cheeseburgers tend to eclipse the gravity of honoring those who lost their lives serving our country. For veterans lucky enough to return home, severe PTSD, depression, and pain can make assimilating to the calm folds of

Although scientists have been trying for years to create a legitimate test for gauging marijuana impairment, they have failed miserably at designing a device that is effective in the field. However, the situation is possibly about to change. A recent report from Business Insider indicates that Silicon Valley’s Benchmark Capital, the venture capital firm that

MARIJUANA POLITICS – The News Source For an Informed Citizenry Post by Don Fitch The idiotic reboot of the war on drugs occurring under Attorney General Jeff Sessions is a blow to freedom in America. His new guidelines, calling for the maximum prosecution of drug “crimes,” have already been proven failures. They particularly endanger all

A Rhode Island textile company will appeal a court ruling that says it discriminated against a medical marijuana user by denying her a job.  In 2014, Darlington Fabrics Corp. denied a paid internship to Christine Callaghan after she revealed that she was legally using medical marijuana as a treatment for migraines. Callaghan, a master's degree

If you’ve ever joined a book club and forgotten to actually read the book before showing up for the discussion, you’re definitely not alone. While most book clubs supplement a lack of literary fervor with wine and gossip, a new group in Denver has been founded with the aim of bringing together a love for