Massachusetts lawmakers have been battling for months over a revamp of the recreational marijuana legalization bill that voters approved last November. Legislators planned to have the bill finalized and sent to Gov. Charlie Baker by June 30th, but the deadline passed by as the state House and Senate disagreed over several key issues of the

It’s summer and you want to get stoned, naturally. But before you get blazed on a beach there are a few things you need to know to ensure that narcs — and the lames who run to them — don’t bust you and totally kill your vibe.  To help you get high by the beach

Just as cannabis legalization has swept through the West Coast, the northeastern region of New England is also riding the green wave. While Massachusetts struggles to implement its own voter-approved recreational marijuana system, the neighboring state of Maine has sought out a renowned pot expert to help craft cannabis regulations. In order to ensure that The

Photos by Masayoshi Sukita, courtesy of the artist and Rostrum Records Until last year, the world hadn’t heard from Cornelius in about a decade. The Japanese music icon’s landmark 1997 album Fantasma was reissued, and everyone was reminded that the swirling epic of psychedelic, cut-and-paste compositions fit perfectly alongside the late 20th century pantheon of

An old building in Pueblo County, Colorado will be receiving some seriously new pop in 2019 after a group of canna-capitalists turn a once-abandoned Pepsi factory into one of the state’s largest, and most technically advanced cannabis grow operations, with the capacity to produce 70,000 pounds of pot per year.  According to Business Insider, the

In just a matter of two months, people caught in possession of small amounts of marijuana in New Hampshire will no longer have to worry about being arrested or serving time in jail. On Tuesday, Governor Chris Sununu put his signature of a piece of legislation designed to eliminate the criminal penalties associated with marijuana

Pennsylvania Medical Solutions, LLC (PAMS), won a license to grow medical cannabis in Pennsylvania, but some think the Pennsylvania Department of Health (PA DOH) should reconsider awarding that license. PAMS is a subsidiary of Vireo Health, which has medical cannabis licenses in New York and Minnesota, as well as quite the blemish on their business

A strange Juicy Fruit gum commercial in the early 2000s had a man in a whale costume and a woman in overalls singing about “caring and sharing” on a children’s TV show. The scene was pretty wholesome until the whale stole Juicy Fruit from the woman’s pocket and ran. The previously caring woman tackled the whale like a

Over the past eleven years, Cartoon Network offshoot Adult Swim has expanded from merely a TV programming block to a full-fledged alternative music hub. Beginning with compilations like Definitive Swim (featuring artists from now-defunct indie rap label Def Jux) and ATL RMX (a collection of remixes of Atlanta hip-hop), the company quickly identified itself as

Yesterday, NORML moderated a Facebook Congressional Conversation on marijuana law reform with Representatives Earl Blumenauer, Tom Garrett, Beto O’Rourke, and Justin Amash. We discussed a wide range of issues including the needless burden of the federal driver’s license suspension mandate, access to medical marijuana, racial injustice, and pending bipartisan legislation to remove cannabis from the